When you consider bugs, you probably don't think they're suitable for your restaurant or webshop. But why not? It's a versatile product, it's hip and they're packed full of healthy nutrients like protein, iron and carbohydrates. DeliBugs completely understands that both you, as a business person, and the consumer feel uncertain about the idea of insects on your plate, but there are so many great things you can do with them! In a dessert, for example. Or as an alternative for cocktail nuts. Experiment, innovate and dare to be different.

DeliBugs is happy to work with businesses, such as restaurants, webshops and delicatessens, to get the most out of the products. And not just in the interest of the business but also in the interest of the guests and customers. We do, however, offer business owners special prices when quantities greater than one kilogram are purchased from our webshop. Great deal, right?

Have you tried our product yet? Excited? Would you like to use our products in your restaurant or sell them in your shop? Send an email to info@delibugs.nl.